Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know I said no more baking till I'm back in Brunei but... I sorta made buttermilk pancakes today *sheepish grin* In my defense, it's not REALLY baking!! They hardly took any time to make and I didn't have to use the hand-held electric beaters for them at all! Except I made strawberry puree and whipped cream that wasn't in the original recipe and had to use the electric beaters AND the food processor but overall the whole thing probably took me about half an hour and that's pretty good. I just really wanted to use up the buttermilk and heavy cream that I had left over from the Kupcake Kabobs so I looked up Buttermilk Pancakes online and voila! A really simple recipe came up and I just added the strawberry puree and whipped cream (stolen from other previous recipes I've come across) to maaaaake:

Tried to be creative and present it artistically but as you can see, the puree just look like hastily placed globs! Pretty happy with the way the pancakes turned out, very nice and fluffy BUT will probably use more sugar next time! Must... be... SWEEET!! At least I accomplished my mission of using up the buttermilk and cream but I have to say, it was a little to early (9am) to be having such a humongous breakfast.. Cocoa ended up having some of mine, tee-hee!

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