Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill Review

Continuing on in my theme of being a bad girl.. that same Sunday night, T and I went to Anise for their newly started Sunday Supper REALLY craving for some of their awesome oysters and crab crepes but when we sat down, we realised that their Sunday supper menu was a condensed version of their normal menu and that the oysters and crepes were not on it (totally understandable because it's the kitchen's only day off so the owner wanted to keep it sweet and simple) sooo.. we were brats and we left to go to Cha Cha Char, shame on us!

We've been to Cha Cha Char many many times and I've always only tolerated going there because T loved their Highly Marbled Wagyu ($95 for 150g) and everything I had tried was just alright. The desserts varied, they had changed their menu 3 times since the first time we dined there. The first time, I didn't like any of the 2 desserts I tried. The second time, I loooved their orange creme brulee and since their third menu change, I've tried the honey creme brulee and didn't enjoy it because I don't really like the strong taste of honey. T thought it was pretty good though! As for their entrees and mains, the first two menus didn't quite cut it for me but on the new menu, I tried the Crisp Duck Leg Confit with parmesan polenta, pickled cherries, poached prunes and mustard cress ($34) and fell in loooooooove. I am SUCH a big fan of crispy skinned duck leg confit AND polenta. The texture of the polenta was smooth and creamy with just the right amount of grainy-ness (is that even a word?!) and the cherries and prunes brought a nice sweet punch to the whole dish.

So back to Sunday!! For entrees we ordered 6 oysters ($22) - 4 kilpatrick and 2 mornay (3 kilpatrick for T and the rest for me) as well as the Prosciutto Wrapped Quail baked with porcini mushroom & pistachio nut farce, braise of leek, caramelised fig and goats cheese ($26.50) which I've had a couple of times before as a main.

The oysters were yummy! Not much I can say about kilpatrick and mornay oysters but these ones really hit the spot. The quail was good as always, perfectly cooked and wrapped in salty prosciutto, yum! I loved the fig and T loved the braise of leek - it was a wonderfully tasty dish. After we'd finished our entrees, we guiltily ordered another half a dozen oysters, this time 4 mornay and 2 kilpatrick - more mornay for mee!! Mmmm..

For our mains, of course T ordered the Highly Marble Wagyu but the new menu serves it with Green Tea Soba Noodle, Wasabi Leaf & Enoki Salad, Yamato Raw Woy, Pickled Ginger which T absolutely hated when he first tried it. He didn't think it went well with the steak at all so this time he had it served with the sides that came with the T-bone which was Baked Chorizo, Squid, Red Pepper & Tomato Salsa, Lemon Vinaigrette which he really liked, except for the chorizo. He also ordered a side of Double Cream Mash ($6.50) and I forgot to mention, T gets TWO serves of the steak so he gets not 150g, but 300g of steak!! No, I am not kidding - there has been a waiter who mistakenly thought that they were for the both of us and moved to remove our menus before I had ordered my food! He did a double take when he realised they were both for T. Yes, we are a couple of piglets hehe. No prizes for guessing what I had for my mains - the duck of course!! And shock shock, horror horror.. I DID NOT have any dessert *gasp* Not that I was too full or anything, just waiting for them to change the dessert menu again to better suit my liking!

Cha Cha Char is a great place to dine, it has an extensive menu and most things are done extremely well. The wait staff are pleasant and effcient, there is also an abundance of them. The place is very well managed and it has that informal yet classy feel to it. No wonder it is always packed on Fridays after work and late at night. T and I are there many a late night when every other restaurant's kitchen has closed so when it's 9.30pm and you're hungry and desperate for some good food and great service, pick up the phone and call Cha Cha Char! :)

Rating: 8/10

Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill
Shop 5, Plaza Level,
Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

Phone: 07 3211 9944
Website: http://www.chachachar.com.au/

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