Sunday, September 27, 2009

When everything goes right

It was Tiff's surprise birthday BBQ today and because it was a barbeque, I decided to make Kupcake Kabobs - an idea I got off my favourite cupcake blogger, Clara at Basically it's mini chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter cream frosting on a skewer with rice krispies and strawberries. What an ingenious idea right?! That's why I love her! And her recipes are always spot on and so easy to follow too.

After my disastrous day with the muffins, I must admit I was a little apprehensive about more baking but I just had to do them because I don't go to barbeques often! So I got all the ingredients I needed and proceeded to make these creations. I had to split them up into 3 stages - baking all the cupcakes in the small amount of time I had before having to go to work (I ran a little overtime of course and managed to get to work in 5 minutes, record time!!), frosting all the cupcakes at 10.30pm after work and assembling the kabobs right before the barbeque the next day. It was a bit frantic on the day of the barbeque, the assembling took a little longer than I had anticipated but Y lent a much needed helping hand. I even suffered a skewer-stick injury, ha-ha! (Sorry, bad med joke).

But yeah, throughout the whole procedure everything just went according to plan and it was beautiful. All the cupcakes were baked perfectly and looked great, the frosting came out perfect and the kabobs were just oh-so-cute. Success at the party and they were gone in 2 minutes. Hurray! Too bad T got the wrong park (NOT happy!) and we missed the whole 'surprise' moment and because we were in such a hurry, we left the birthday present at home. D'oh!! Kupcake Kabobs are definitely a must-do again next time. Cocoa couldn't have any of course, but she did get lots of pats, a good run around and 2 balloons tied to her collar :)

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