Monday, September 21, 2009


I hate baking.. I really do

So I had like a kilo of beautiful fresh strawberries that T and I got from the markets when we were at Mt Tamborine but because we bought them a week ago, I wanted to DO something with them before they started going rotten! So I decided to bake my trusty White Chocolate & Strawberry Muffins (recipe from - BEST SITE EVER) because they were really easy to make and I just loooove them.

Anyway, it was all going really well.. I prepared the ingredients and all the steps were coming along nicely and I was REALLY looking forward to eating them because it all just flowed so smoothly and I thought "Man, these are gonna be the best muffins ever!!". I put them in the oven and started packing away all my stuff on the kitchen bench and then as I picked up my laptop off the bench.. *JAWS MUSIC* .. I'd forgotten to put in the BUTTER!!!! *scream* 

I ran upstairs to wail to T about what had happened and he said to take them out and mix in the butter *horror* so I ran downstairs screaming "I'm NEVER gonna bake again!!" and my poor muffins, they looked so pretty, halfway done and innocent, not knowing the horror I was about to inflict on them.. I managed to stir in some butter and whereas before they looked all even and pretty, now they just looked like globs of oily lumpy batter.. So I put them in again *sigh* and now fingers crossed for edible muffins.. Gawd, please just make them EDIBLE!!

NB: No photos in fear that my traumatised mind will snap and make me shoot myself

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